Because of the great taste and high quality of its innovative products, YIOTIS Company has gained the trust of many consumers in foreign markets, and indeed is their preferred choice.

In accordance with the Company's vision and mission, exports are increasing each year, and the company’s products are now available in more than 25 destinations in all five continents.

Our goals have been always, functional perfection, a leading position for our products and a close relationship with consumers. So that we can satisfy even their most demanding needs and expectations by adjusting our products to meet the dietary and consumer habits of each country individually. Our slogan for exports is: "Think Globally - Work Locally".

As part of this, in addition to the products that we produce and export internationally, we also produce some products that are exclusively sold in foreign markets. These products include Fytrolac and Jotis Baby Creams which are only sold in China and have different ingredients to that available elsewhere. Also, Cremilac Baby Creams are available in Egypt.

The JOTIS products which are only available outside Greece are:

  • Cake Mixes
  • Cocoa & Chocolate Drinks
  • Cooking Agents
  • De le crème instant pudding
  • Puddings
  • Gateaux
  • Traditional desserts
  • Waffle Sticks
  • Mix for ice cream
  • Fytrolac Baby Creams for China
  • JOTIS Baby Creams for China
  • Cremilac Baby Creams for Egypt

For more information please contact YIOTIS S.A.:
Tel.: +30 210 5704400

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