Baby Food
  • When should Sanilac HA be given?
  • What is Sanilac AR?
  • What should normal infants’ stools be like?
  • Why can I not buy Special Baby Milk in the supermarket?
  • Why do baby foods go “runny”?
  • How do I avoid getting "lumps" in the baby food?
  • Why are JOTIS Baby Foods a guarantee of superior quality and a guarantee for mothers?
  • What is gluten and why should it not be consumed by infants in some instances?
  • How does Sanilac AC help treat colic?
  • What are infants’ most frequent dietary problems?
  • What is maltodextrin and why is it a very important source of energy?
  • What is lactose intolerance and how does Sanilac FL help solve the problem?
  • Why are vitamins and minerals essential for a baby's body?
  • What are the LC-PUFAs which are added to infant milk?
  • What are nucleotides which are added to infant milk?
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