Ioannis and Maria Yiotis founded the company in 1930. Their primary purpose was to offer Greek children innovative power foods made with pure ingredients, from crops cultivated on Greek soil. This is how the first baby foods appeared in Greece, the popular JOTIS Rice Cereal and JOTIS Pudding. They contributed in limiting child mortality, which had taken on epidemic proportions at the time. Since then, the concept of innovation has been inexorably linked to the history of YIOTIS company.

The key to its further growth has been monitoring and identifying new trends, with YIOTIS S.A. constantly paving the way in the food sector: from JOTIS Farina, the first self-rising flour, JOTIS Jelly, the first instant dessert, and JOTIS Kit Desserts, the first boxed cake mixes, to the innovative Sweet & Balance line, the first complete range of desserts with a low glycaemic index suitable for diabetics, its history boasts some major firsts and significant innovations.

Throughout its progress, the company has been focusing on people, research and innovation.ΗΗ ΥΙOTIS S.A. has one of the most advanced Research & Development Departments in the Greek food industry.

Today, with the 3rd generation of the YIOTIS family running the business, the company holds a leading position in the food industry, with continuous firsts and awards. It has a comprehensive strategic portfolio with more than 300 main product codes, which stand out for their quality, safety, tastiness and ease of use, and meet the needs of modern Greek families.

YIOTIS S.A. has also conquered the foreign markets!  The company exports its innovative products to more than 25 countries on 5 continents and continues to grow stronger.

In addition, YIOTIS S.A. has been steadily supporting the Greek economy, by implementing its investment plan. It invests in development and innovation, regularly updating its equipment, expanding its production lines and establishing new units. In 2012, the company acquired a new storage facility in Mandra, Attica. In 2015, it completed the construction of its new factory in Agrinio. In 2017, it established the Hellenic Research and Innovation Centre, which aims to fulfil the need for a modern food safety institute, not just for YIOTIS Company, but for the Greek food sector in general.

Throughout its history, the company has had its sights set on people and society, making a contribution through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, focusing on families, mothers and children.  In November 2018, with the purpose of addressing a major national issue that has been affecting the country, that of population decline, it launched the “A hope in born!” CSR initiative, which aims to curb the population decline in Greece. Through this initiative, YIOTIS S.A. supports women who wish to become mothers in 90 remote villages of mainland Greece.

These are the values YIOTIS S.A. has been embracing and as the new decade dawns, it is prepared to rise to the new challenges and stand by its consumers, as it has always done in the past. Because for the last 90 years, YIOTIS S.A. has been a part of every family with its products, sharing everyday moments and making life easier and a whole lot tastier!

90 years YIOTIS, 90 years one family.

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