Gluten Free

Gluten Free

The JOTIS products that are Gluten free are as follows:

  • JOTIS Rice Cereal
  • JOTIS Gelatin sheets
  • JOTIS Fresh Yeast
  • JOTIS Dairy Pudding – Vanilla Flavoured chilled sweet
  • JOTIS Dairy Pudding with Chocolate chilled sweet
  • JOTIS Dairy Pudding – Chocolate Cream chilled sweet

Caotonic in sachets and boxes: packages marked as 'gluten-free'.

The Fytro products that are gluten free are as follows:

  • Fytro ricecakes
  • Fytro ricecakes with sesame seeds
  • Fytro ricecakes with chocolate
  • Fytro ricecakes with orange
  • Soya Drink

The JOTIS Sweet & Balance products that are gluten free are as follows:

  • JOTIS Sweet & Balance Chocolates marked as 'gluten-free'.
  • Cereal Bars Sweet & Balance

The rest of the company's products either contain flour as an ingredient or may contain traces of flour due to the production process. This is highlighted on the packaging.