Goals - Perspective

Innovation is an inseparable part of YIOTIS’s S.A. history. In 1930 it was the first company to market standardised infant and baby foods in Greece and it has been innovating ever since then. From JOTIS Farina, the first self-raising flour, JOTIS Fruit Jelly, the first instant dessert to JOTIS Cakes, the first ready-to-make sweets, the company’s history is made up of important "firsts" and innovations. YIOTIS S.A. has always been driven by the main goal of identifying and following new trends. So the company is always opening new doors with high nutritional value products which meet the needs of modern consumers and have positive benefits for our bodies and for our quality of life in general. This is confirmed by the creation of the pioneering and internationally-established JOTIS Sweet & Balance range of products, the first complete line of desserts with a low glycemic index, suitable for people with diabetes. YIOTIS S.A. has the global patent for this range. Products in the Fytro healthily foods range and Bio Organic organic products, which joined the company's portfolio in 2009, have been equally successful. These products are fully compatible with new dietary trends.

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