Sweet & Balance

New Sweet & Βalance desserts with sweeteners.

For those who can live without sugar, but not without sweets!

The new complete Sweet & Balance range of desserts is changing the way we eat sweets. YIOTIS ’SA new desserts meet the requirements of a healthy diet such as being sugar free, containing vegetable fibres, limited calories and low fat, and they also taste great!

 Visit the Sweet & Balance site  to learn more about these new sweets and to find easy recipes for making healthy sweets.

The Sweet & Balance range from YIOTIS SA includes lots of tasty ideas with a wide range of products which you are sure to love:• Chocolates in 7 great flavours • Table sweetener in tablet form and in granules • Chocolate Drinks, Strawberry Jam • Cereal bars in 3 different flavours: Chocolate / Honey & Cinnamon / Cranberries • Jelly Crystals in 2 flavours: Strawberry and Cherry • Crème Caramel • Chocolate Mousse • Millefeuille • Strawberry Cheesecake • Cookies & Cream Cake • Vanilla Flavour Crème Patissiere • Cake Mixture • 2 flavours of Ice Cream Mix: Vanilla / Chocolate • Chocolate Syrup • Mix for Jelly Dessert - 2 flavours Strawberry / Cherry • Vanilla flavoured milk dessert 

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