Sweet & Balance

Innovative Sweet & Βalance range, without sugar... pure indulgence!

With the full Sweet & Balance range you can respond to the requirements of a balanced way of diet, pure indulgence! JOTIS Sweet & Balance with the sweetener from natural origin from the stevia plant, have low glycemic index, are rich in fibers, have low fat and calories and delicious taste, characteristics which make them the perfect choice, for any occasion.

 Discover on www.sweetandbalance.gr  more information for the product's range, as well as unique recipes for desserts which are...pure indulgence!

The JOTIS Sweet & Balance range includes α wide variety of delicious products:

• Chocolates in 5 great flavours and  mini chocolates in 3 flavours • Table sweetener in granules, in crystal form, in tablet form, in sticks and in liquid form • Chocolate Drink, Strawberry and Apricot Jams • Cereal bars in 3 different flavours: Chocolate and Cranberries • Jelly Crystals in 2 flavours: Strawberry and Cherry • Mix for Crème Caramel • Mix for Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate flavour • Mix for Strawberry Cheesecake • Mix for Vanilla Flavour Crème Patissiere • 2 flavours of Ice Cream Mix: Vanilla and Chocolate • Chocolate Syrup • Refrigerated Ready to Eat Jelly - 3 flavours Strawberry / Cherry / Lemon

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