Human Resources

For YIOTIS S.A., the company is its people. Their dedication, diligence, ethos and commitment to the highest values ​​contribute vitally to the long-term success of the company. For its part, YIOTIS Company, which today employs more than 350 people, ensures that its staff are well-trained, by supporting their education through specialised seminars and / or postgraduate studies. At the same time, it promotes a spirit of teamwork and close cooperation, setting common goals for the development, production and promotion of products.

As a result, all the sections in the Company (Research & Development, Quality Control, Production, Procurement, Handling, Sales, Export, Marketing, Financial Services, Medical Detailing) work together to continually upgrade all the services we provide - something which allows us to meet growing and evolving consumer needs.

YIOTIS S.A. recognises that its most powerful competitive advantage is the people who worki in the Company. It invests daily in ensuring a good, high quality work environment and rewards its staff with a range of benefits such as:

- Annual productivity bonus

- Annual award for the best employees

- Blood bank for employees

- Group insurance

- Extra benefits for new mothers and for children born to company personnel

-Events and gifts for staff’s children during the holiday season

* CVs can be sent to or fax 210 57 69 101.

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