Reducing the carbon footprint (CO2) in the Food Industry

YIOTIS S.A. is one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the Food Industry, with extensive experience in the execution and coordination of large and multidisciplinary research and technological projects, in collaboration with other companies, universities and research organizations, from Greece and abroad.

As part of its Corporate Responsibility for Sustainable Development, YIOTIS company, took over the role of coordinator in the European project LIFE FOODPRINT (LIFE13 ENV / GR / 000958), having as partners the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and companies from the area traffic, mass catering and environmental management. The main purpose of the project was to identify, quantify and reduce the carbon footprint in the Food Industry.

During the project, YIOTIS SA proceeded to a series of interventions in the production lines of Baby Creams, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the production process. In addition, it has invested in modernizing production lines and training its executives on energy management and data collection.

Having completed the LIFE FOODPRINT project (LIFE13 ENV/GR/000958), ΥIOTIS SA determined the level of carbon dioxide emissions in the production process of JOTIS Baby Creams and, in combination with the investments made, achieved their reduction by up to 15%.

Today, JOTIS Baby Creams are produced with respect for the environment, thus contributing to the reduction of the environmental footprint.

YIOTIS Company, having as a priority the proper environmental management and constantly aiming at the further reduction of the energy footprint, also examines the possibility of using new, more environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials.

Finally, in collaboration with SEVT and the other partners, it continues its work by developing a National Strategy for the information of the entire Food Industry, regarding the LIFE FOODPRINT project. Having the experience of the project, but also the know-how as a dynamic and innovative company, it provides information about the project, its possibilities, but also its results.

The aim of the information campaign is to raise awareness of other companies in the Food Industry, to take action and, in turn, to make the necessary investments and interventions in their production lines, in order to reduce their energy footprint.

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