Social Responsibility


YIOTIS S.A. was founded in 1930, and its basic aim was to create products which were good both for children’s diet and their growth in an era when infant mortality was at epidemic proportions in Greece. Throughout its history, YIOTIS Company has always been in tune with society and its needs. The Company continues this tradition today as it turns its gaze to the future.

The core pillar of the YIOTIS’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme is to support children, mothers and families in need. As part of this programme, the company supports Non-Profit Organizations, Foundations, Charity Associations, etc. which support vulnerable social groups such as children, single parent families and families in need. YIOTIS Company provides this support through sponsorship and donations.

Having accepted the overwhelming importance of its social role, as part of the company’s philosophy, YIOTIS Company consistently provides long-term support to many organisations, such as:

• For more than 15 years, it has been supporting the Children's Shelter in Peristeri

• Since November 2006, it has been met the dietary needs of the children attending 5 nurseries that operate under the supervision of the Holy Diocese in Peristeri. The Company has also provided food for common meals

• Since 2008, it has been providing products in an annual basis to the Foundation for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Children with Mental Disabilities "Theotokos"

• Since 2015, the Company has been meeting the dietary needs of the children which attend the nursery run by the "Friends of the Child" Association. Recently, the Company received an award from the Association to honour its role as one of the major sponsors supporting its work

In addition, the Company frequently provides support to charitable foundations and associations, such as ‘ELEPAP’, ‘The Smile of the Child’, ‘Oloi Mazi Boroume’, ‘Merimna’, ‘Aggalia’, ‘The Ark of the World’ etc.

In 2016, the Company developed the communication platform "Zacharoplathoume", which includes, among other things, charitable activities.

In 2017, the Company came to the aid of the victims of the flooding at Mandra Attica, offering 50.000 portions of basic food, including baby food and 3 tons of Flour.

In March 2020, YIOTIS SA, during the extremely difficult times that our country is experiencing, donated to the Ministry of Health 20 modern respirators to equip Intensive Care Units of the hospitals of Greece, supporting the difficult task of the health authorities in the treatment of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, the Company provides hundreds of sponsorships annually relating to individual requests from NGOs, Foundations, Associations, etc.

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