Social and Economic Footprint

For YIOTIS Company, the social and economic footprint is a concept with much significance, reflecting its daily efforts to make a positive impact on society and the economy, and to support growth in Greece.

It is also a concept of historical significance for the company, which traces back to the very same reasons it was founded in 1930, when Ioannis and Maria Yiotis manufactured the first processed baby foods. Since then, the company has been constantly growing, innovating, exporting and investing, supporting the Greek economy, creating new jobs, and serving the needs of society with consistency and innovative solutions.

Through its manufacturing and commercial activity, YIOTIS S.A. actively contributes to the country’s growth. With new investments and focusing on innovation, research, the environment and social contribution, YIOTIS S.A. continues to create value, which is reflected both on an economic and a social level.

The impact of the company’s operating activities is reflected in the findings of a survey which records with accuracy, objectivity and credibility its contribution to the growth of the country through 4 major pillars:

  • National Economy
  • Development, Innovation & Environment
  • Employment
  • Support to Society

In this context, the contribution of YIOTIS S.A. per pillar between 2015 and 2019 is presented below: 



With its sights set on the constantly evolving social conditions, YIOTIS Company continues to create value for the country, its employees and the Greek society at large every single day.

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