Today, the Company's facilities in Athens occupy 30,000 sq. m. and have the most modern mechanical equipment in Europe.

The complete modernisation that has taken place over the last decade included building extensions, buying production lines and new packaging machines:

• For the production of Baby Food (mixing and heat treatment, drum drying and packaging).

• For the production and packaging of traditional and modern products, with fully
   automated production, weight control and checks and inspections for foreign substances

• For the production of Bakery and Chocolate products.

• To fully automate the receipt and transport of raw materials, the production of Baby Food,
   Chocolate products and Mixes, Sweets and Cookery products.

• For the production and packaging of chilled sweets, without the use of preservatives.

YIOTIS Company uses technologically advanced equipment for the quantitative analysis and quality control of food, and also to process quality and production data.

Since 1995, all company data has been recorded and processed in specialised quality control and specification databases, to monitor the full traceability of its products and the integrated application of product quality assurance.

In 2004, a new information system (Mantis), which was designated by the Ministry of Development as a pilot project, was completed. This comprehensive software acts as a support platform for ERPSAP and covers the full range of production, quality control and product design.

In 2012, the Company invested in acquiring a new warehouse in Mandra, Attica, with a total area of ​​10,000 sq. m. and capacity for 9,000 pallet stacks.

In 2015, YIOTIS Company continued its steady investment in Greece and completed the construction of its new factory in Agrinio, with a total area of ​​10,000 sq. m.

With its new facilities, the company has greatly increased its production capacity, while strengthening the Greek economy and the local community by creating new jobs.

The “Research & Development & Quality Assurance” Department is made up of four laboratories. Quality Control, Microbiological Analysis, Instrumental Analysis and Research & Development The workshops are housed in privately owned facilities of 1,500 square meters which are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment and staffed by specialised scientists.

Recently, the construction of new company facilities was completed. These 1350 sq. m. facilities house the "Hellenic Research & Innovation Center", which gives the company the ability and the momentum to increase the checks and controls the company carries out on its Food Production.

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