1 · 2 · Bake!

The JOTIS family of foods is delighted to welcome the 1 · 2 · Bake! range of ready mixes.

1 · 2 · Bake! products are ready mixes that you can bake as quickly as you can say... “1 · 2 · Bake!” You will find them quick and easy and, of course, you will have the JOTIS guarantee of success and high quality on your side.

Now, with 1 · 2 · Bake! mixtures, you can easily and quickly enjoy fluffy sweet & savory Muffins, wonderful Soft Cookies, delicious Pizza Dough, great Pancakes and Waffles, unbeatable Crepes, unique Brownies & Chocolate Pies and amazing Lava Cake.

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