1 · 2 · Bake!

The JOTIS family of foods is delighted to welcome the 1 · 2 · Bake! range of ready mixes.

1 · 2 · Bake! products are ready mixes that you can bake as quicky as you can say “1, 2, bake!”

Just follow the quick and easy steps, of course, you will have the JOTIS products guarantee of success and high quality on your side. Now, with 1 · 2 · Bake! mixtures, you can easily and quickly enjoy fluffy sweet Muffins, wonderful Soft Cookies, delicious Pizza Dough, great Pancakes and Waffles, unbeatable Crepes, unique Brownies & Chocolate Pies, amazing Lava Cake, aromatic Orange Pie and the all-time favourite Syrupy Chocolate Pie with Icing!

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