Choosing a Nursery for your child

Choosing a Nursery for your child

It is nearly time to get back to work and you have to choose the nursery that is going to help you with your child’s care while you are out of the house.
Here are some points to help you make the right choice:

  • The building, the school bus and the educational materials
  • A spacious, clean, pleasant environment with a well proportioned building and quiet space, organised to suit and be suitable for children all make for a good nursery.
  • The quality and number of toys and games as well as all the educational material used. These should all be high quality, and there should be a large amount and variety of materials.
  • The school bus that your children will travel on every day should be in good condition and safety rules on the bus should be stringently enforced.

The staff

  • The head of the nursery should be experienced, considerable experience leads to better results.
  • The staff’s education: Specialised teachers and staff.
  • There should not be a high staff turnover It is good if staff do not change more than every 2 years
  • A good child/teacher ratio. The younger the children in the class are, the lower the ratio should be.
  • Small class numbers.

Talk to the manager of the nursery about all the details that interest you and do not hesitate to visit a nursery several times to make sure it's the one that really deserves to be trusted with your child.

And remember that it is good to avoid sending your child to nursery during the first few months of its life, especially if there is an alternative available!