The best toy is a safe toy

The best toy is a safe toy

Toys are an important part of a child’s life.
But how can we provide our children with toys that are fun, but also safe?

First of all, we need to make sure that the following are mentioned on the packaging of any toy we buy:

  • The name and address of the importer or the manufacturer.
  • The CE marking, which is a guarantee that the toy has been approved for use by children.
  • Instructions for use in English.
  • Safety warnings

When choosing a toy you should also make sure that:

  • They do not have any exposed cables, wires that could be cut, long strings or sharp points.
  • Electric toys should work through a transformer rather than being connected directly to the socket.
  • The batteries go into the correct position and children would not be able to open the battery cover easily.
  • Toys that make a noise should not exceed a certain volume.
  • Anything made from or containing malleable materials (e.g., plasticine) should not have a pleasant odor or taste.
  • Folding toys (e.g. dolls' prams) must be fitted with safety mechanisms and should not close easily, potentially causing injuries.
  • Suction cups should be well attached to any toys which fire projectiles so they cannot be easily removed.
  • Soft toys (teddy bears etc.) should be washed before being used by children. The seams should be well joined together so that the filling materials cannot “escape” and be used by the child. Particular care should be taken with soft toys as they can cause allergies.
  • It is also good to avoid toys that can easily be broken by a child’s teeth (e.g. toys made from foam) because they can cause serious accidents to children.

What does the law state about toys?

  • Children’s toys cannot be advertised between 7 and 10 pm
  • War-based toys cannot be advertised at all.
  • Advertising should not directly push children and their parents to buy the advertised products
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