Kids in the kitchen!

Kids in the kitchen!

Take your kids into the kitchen with you and turn cooking into a creative game for the whole family! When children join in with preparing food, they become familiar with healthy eating habits and enjoy their food more.
Give them suitable clothes, and utensils that are safe for them to use, and adopt a relaxed and good humoured attitude. Your children will see it as a game and will join in enthusiastically.
The best way to make their day in the kitchen an unforgettable experience is to start with something that they are directly involved in such as their birthday party.
You can decide together what treats you are going to make for their friends, and also buy the ingredients together. After that it’s time for... kids in the kitchen! You will be surprised how much they can do!

Here are some simple, healthy ideas that will appeal to children and that you can easily make together:

• Children like mixing ingredients Let them join in with making their favourite cake by adding the flour to the sugar and egg mixture!

• Make your children’s birthday cakes with them! Let them use their imagination to decorate the cake however they want with a variety of materials such as whipped cream, truffles, chocolate flakes, toppings and chopped fruit.

• Cut various fruits into bite-sized chunks and then give them to your children so they can put them on wooden skewers. Then they can dip the fruit in melted couverture chocolate or white chocolate. This is a great way to encourage their creativity and to make them see fruit in a whole new way!

• Sandwiches, canapés and pizzas are another way to engage children’s creativity. Spread out all the materials you need on the kitchen worktop, give your children pastry cutters in various shapes and let them make their own unique culinary creations. If you just show them how to roll out the pastry or dough, and to “decorate” it, they will undoubtedly be enthusiastic and you will definitely be impressed by their imagination!

• Show them how to make and decorate homemade cookies and biscuits. They will be very excited about the idea, and will be even more happy about eating them!

Your children will feel very proud of themselves for playing such an active role in making their food, and they will definitely be “hungry” to get back into the kitchen!