26/11/2009 - JOTIS Sweet & Balance desserts participate in Diabetes events.

26/11/2009 - JOTIS Sweet & Balance desserts participate in Diabetes events.

JOTIS and the Sweet & Balance range of products constituted a dynamic presence at several recent Diabetes events.

The new JOTIS Sweet & Balance dessert range participated in the 23rd Annual Conference of the Northern Greece Diabetes Association as well as in the training seminar "Prevention and Education in Diabetes", organized by the Hellenic Diabetes Federation (ELODI) as part of World Diabetes Day.

JOTIS Sweet & Balance is a revolutionary range of desserts, which, thanks to their specially formulated low glycemic index and low glycemic load compositions, can contribute to optimal glycemic control and are ideal for those seeking to control their blood sugar levels, watch their diet or go on a diet aimed at maintaining or losing weight.*

"According to the strategic development that JOTIS will follow for the promotion of the new Sweet & Balance product line, special emphasis is being given both to the understanding and acceptance of the products by the scientific community in 2009 and, subsequently, to Consumers Relations with a focus on special category groups (obese, overweight and diabetic individuals). The culmination is being planned through a network of marketing actions, both in the media and at points of sale, in 2010 ", JOTIS SA President Ioannis Ath. Jotis commented.


* with the appropriate guidance and consent of a specialist doctor or nutritionist.

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