Summer activities with your children

Summer activities with your children

The schools are shut, and your children are full of energy and excitement! Enjoy the time you have with them and make sure to have fun playing and making friends. Especially in the summer, when everyone is more relaxed, you have a great choice of things to do!


Clay creations
Sit at your balcony table, fill a small bowl of water to soften the clay and start creating with clay together! Your kids will be over the moon with the clay, let them get dirty and do whatever they want. Make the clay into various shapes such as hearts, stars, animals and whatever else you can think of, and then bake them in the oven. Use your child’s clay creations as ornaments in his room - he is bound to be happy when he sees them!

Painting stones
When you get back from the beach, have the pebbles your children collected made your beach bag so heavy you can hardly lift it up? This is a great way of using the stones, and maybe next time you will start collecting stones too...

Get some tempera paints and brushes and paint the stones! Kids will love this game because they can let their imagination run free, but you will also be surprised by the results. Leave the stones to dry properly and then use them as ornaments in the house or as door stops to keep the doors open and make sure they don’t get blown shut by the wind.

Using shells creatively
Collect shells from the beach and transform them into works of art: get wooden picture frames and stick the shells onto them to make various different patterns. You can also make bracelets or ornaments for the home by making a hole in each shell and stringing it on fishing line or thread.

Decorating bottles
You can do wonders with empty glass bottles, liquid glue and thick threads in a variety of colours. The process is simple: spread the glue on the bottle and then carefully begin to wrap the threads around it. 


Take advantage of the sunny days and organise cycling trips. You can all enjoy the beauty of nature together, and at the same time get some exercise. What you need is organisation: buy the right equipment, helmets and knee guards are a must for a safe bike ride. For younger members of the family you can pick helmets with designs and colours, or even with a picture of a favorite hero! You should have a route that you want to follow in mind before you start your cycle trip. Make sure your route is easy, without many inclines and is relatively isolated so there are no cars. But even a bike ride in the nearby square can prove to be just as enjoyable. If your child is very young, you can attach a special seat to the back of your bike - and you are ready for your excursion!

You can visit museums for children or archaeological sites! Most museums have interesting activities and educational programmes especially for children. These will provide your children with stimuli and new experiences. A puppet show or a Karagiozis shadow puppet show outdoors is a must in the summer - so that your little ones can learn about these traditions, and to make sure the older members of the family don’t forget them! Don’t forget to get some candy floss on your summer outings - they go together perfectly. Summer cinema, one of the best things about Greek summers. Choose a movie that suits everyone in the family and enjoy watching it under the stars.

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