04/11/2009 - New revolutionary Sweet & Balance dessert range without sugar.

04/11/2009 - New revolutionary Sweet & Balance dessert range without sugar.

Finally, sweets for EVERYONE with the JOTIS name guarantee!

The new, revolutionary line of Sweet & Balance desserts with an incredible taste, for those watching their diet, and even for individuals with diabetes.

For the first time in Greece and thanks to JOTIS SA expertise, individuals following a balanced or special diet, even one aimed at blood sugar control, can enjoy a whole new range of delicious desserts that meet their nutritional needs. They come in the form of the new generation of sugar-free desserts called Sweet & Balance, desserts which are low in fat and calories, contain fiber and as a result combine the characteristics of a healthy diet with the superb taste experience guaranteed by the JOTIS name.

Following contemporary dietary trends, Sweet & Balance products have specially formulated low Glycemic Index (GI) compositions that can consequently contribute to better glycemic control. Specialist doctors and nutritionists recommend that both healthy people as well as those with diabetes, eat foods with a low Glycemic Index within the context of a proper balanced diet.

You can now go ahead and forget the compromises you have had to make in the past. Because thanks to Sweet & Balance, dieting and a balanced diet now have a much sweeter taste, through the wide variety of new desserts, including Millefeuille, strawberry / cherry  Fruit Jelly (both on supermarket shelves and ready-to-eat in the fridge), Milk Dessert, Chocolate, Cake, Creme Caramel, Vanilla Pastry Cream and Sucralose tabletop sweetener in tablets.

In each Sweet & Balance product package, you will find an information leaflet with healthy recipes for favourite desserts! Look for them on the shelves of supermarkets which already stock the well-known, beloved JOTIS confectionery products.

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