11/2011 - JOTIS BABY CEREALS for "strong children from the cradle"

11/2011 - JOTIS BABY CEREALS for

With brand new packaging & a new taste.

JOTIS, with constant care and devotion to the needs of infants and mothers, presents its renewed Baby Cereal packaging. The baby cereal within the new, modern packaging contains all the necessary ingredients that babies need from their very first spoonful: prebiotic fibers as well as valuable vitamins and iron. They simultaneously provide mothers with the necessary information required to prepare their baby's meals, as well as details on the nutritional values of each product.

Moreover, JOTIS range of infant cereals has now been expanded with a new flavour: Farine Lactee with Apple and Pear, which combines all the benefits of farine lactee cream, with the wonderful taste of these favourite fruits. It is easily digestible and perfect from the 6th month, when babies begin to discover new flavours and expand their tastes.

With its invaluable 82-year experience and extensive scientific research, JOTIS continues to create the only Greek baby cereals that meet today’s infants’ nutritional needs, always with the JOTIS quality guarantee.

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