A magical garland... heralds the coming of spring

A magical garland... heralds the coming of spring

Nature is at its best in May! A riot of colours and scent from the wildflowers covers everything. The sunny days and the blue skies embrace us and give us their gift of joy and well-being! That means it is time to get out with our children and make wonderful garlands from colorful flowers and other natural materials - easy and great fun!

  1. Construct a wickerwork base from long, flexible and strong twigs by weaving them together in a circle. Alternatively, you can make the base from thick, flexible wire
  2.  Tie bunches of olive or pine greenery onto the base with string, twine or thin wire.
  3. Then tie the flowers onto the greenery in the same way.
  4. And it’s ready! Happy May Day

Tip: Take the flowers off the base when they wither, so you can reuse the base next year!

Easter handicrafts
The schools are shut in Easter week, but creative activities for children continue! You can make cheerful Easter egg cups with them and help them to develop their artistic streak.

1. Create the base by cutting 15 x 2.5 cm strips of yellow, corrugated cardboard and stapling the two edges together to make a ring

2. Make a bow to decorate the ring! Cut a strip 2 cm high strip of red crepe paper, fold it to make a 5 cm x 2 cm rectangle. Compress it in the center and then staple it.

3. Stick the bow onto the base, and then stick an Easter sticker or anything else you want in the middle of the bow.

Your Easter egg cup is ready! Happy Easter!

 Activities in nature
Excursions to the mountains, the park or the sea bring children into direct contact with nature and offer them new sights, smells and stimuli. Through nature, children develop their senses, their powers of observation and their imagination! And it is a great opportunity to do fun things together and to teach your children new things and also teach them to love nature:

· Collect shells, pebbles and sticks from the beach to make collages or decorate picture frames

· Collect leaves and flowers with your children and teach them the flowers’ names. You can make a rich flower collection.

· Play ball games, tag and hide and seek in the woods. Ask your children to create their own game, that you all play together, with things they can find in nature

· Organise a picnic in a natural setting! Teach your children how to be environmentally-conscious and how to protect nature

· Go for a walk in the neighbourhood parks and explore nature with them!

· Go cycling together and teach them how to cycle safely


Enjoy exploring!