Enjoy the spring without allergies

Enjoy the spring without allergies

In springtime, you will feel even more like playing with your children and going for walks and excursions in the countryside with them. Now the weather is better, playgrounds, parks and entertainment centres are full of spring colours and children's voices ringing with joy and enthusiasm.

But do your worries about allergies make you hesitate when your children ask “Mum, when can we go to the park?”.

It's perfectly reasonable to think twice about going out in the spring, but that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid springtime excursions!

It is true that, due to a high concentration of pollen in the atmosphere, allergies can make life difficult for you and your little ones. But there are many easy ways to deal with allergies while still enjoying nature and fun in the open air!

Helpful Tips:

  • Schedule your walks for the late afternoon as the concentration of pollen in the atmosphere is greatest in the morning. Don’t forget that it will gradually stay light for longer in the evenings and you will be able to enjoy the longer days!
  • This is the perfect time to visit seaside areas. You can enjoy the scenery at the sea at the same time as escaping the pollen, as there is a smaller concentration of pollen in the atmosphere in these areas.
  • Of course, wherever you go, do not forget to wear your sunglasses and your hat. Not only because you need protection from the sun, but also because the glasses and the hat act as a shield to stop pollen coming into contact with your eyes, your face and your hair. In this way, you will be able to avoid the usual "itchy" eyes and at the same time enjoy the scenery and indulge in some care-free play with your children!
  • Do not forget to remind your children to wash their hands frequently after playing and after coming into contact with plants and flowers.
  • It is essential for your child to have a shower after every walk as this removes the allergens from his skin.
  • You can limit the amount of pollen inside your house in two simple and easy ways. Avoid airing the house or hanging out the clothes in the morning or on very hot and dry days - the pollen concentrations in the atmosphere are higher then - and try to clean the air conditioner filters frequently.

Happy Spring, everyone - and let’s your spring is full of lovely, fun experiences... without any worries about allergies.