Camps: children’s summer paradise

Camps: children’s summer paradise

Camps and summer go together! For parents, camps are a creative way for kids to spend their summer vacation, while for children they are an opportunity to enjoy being close to nature and make new friends. Apart from the obvious reasons for choosing a summer camp, there are other factors for parents to bear in mind when making their choice.

It is a unique experience that helps children to mature psychologically as they learn to function on their own, away from parental protection. In this way they learn to rely on their own strengths and abilities and become more independent.

As well as functioning well on their own, children can also become a competent team. Their sense of teamwork is reinforced by participating in a specific programme with various activities and thus becoming members of a wider group in which they learn to function collectively. And the benefits? There are many benefits, as children develop values ​​such as cooperation, solidarity and teamwork. They learn to co-exist with other children without being the centre of attention and only focusing on their own needs.

What parent would not want a little more discipline at home? At camp, children learn that following the rules leads to a harmonious environment. They also learn to fulfil their obligations and to become responsible.

Camp is also an enjoyable way for children to become more socialised.  At summer camp, children have the opportunity to exchange views with other children of the same age, to support their opinions, to express their feelings and to develop strong friendships.

And, of course, to play, to enjoy themselves, have fun and spend part of their holiday creatively.

Camps that cater for every child’s “talents”

In the last few years, themed camps have been set up to combine fun with learning. These thematic camps are mainly related to sports or the arts.

When choosing a thematic camp we should be guided by each child’s individual preferences and talents. These camps organise educational seminars during which children have the opportunity to learn from experts (artists, athletes, etc.) who share their experiences and knowledge with the children.

Usually, at the end of the camp programmes, children are invited to put all they have learnt into practice by organising various relevant events. This gives them the opportunity to present what they have been taught and have prepared to their friends and families.  

Before parents choose a camp, they will find it helpful to find out in detail how it works, the equipment available and also to see the detailed programme of activities. It will be even more helpful if they can visit it with their children to see how they react, or even to let them choose which camp they want to attend.

What should you consider when choosing a camp?

Tips for parents!
Your child may enjoy spending holidays at a camp more than you realise. That's why it's best to show him how happy you are that he is going on vacation and to emphasise the positive aspects of his experience in the camp. Avoid making too many phone calls and visits when your children are at camp. If you avoid too much contact, you will also avoid transferring any of your own stress or anxiety to your child.

Whatever type of camp you choose, think about the benefits for your child and wish him a perfect vacation with his new friends.