Honorary Award from the Association "Friends of the Child"

Honorary Award from the Association

The "Friends of the Child" Association, which was celebrating 30 years of service to children, presented ΥΙOTIS Company with a particularly important award for supporting its work consistently over the years.

As part of a special event held on June 7, 2017 at the National Historical Museum (Old Parliament House), "Friends of the Child" recognised YIOTIS S.A. as one of its major sponsors. It is thanks to these sponsors that the Association can continue with its work sensitively and effectively.

In addition to all its support in the past, over the past three years YIOTIS Company has systematically covered the basic nutritional needs of the children attending the nursery run by the “Friends of the Child” in Metaxourgeio.  YIOTIS S.A. also organises special events that are welcomed enthusiastically by the children cared for by the Association.

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