Why did my cake not rise?

Why did my cake not rise?
  • Oven temperature - check that the oven is at the temperature you have set it to.
  • Opening the oven door - Did you open the oven door while the cake was baking? Moving or shifting the cake tin in the oven before the cake is properly cooked or opening the oven door can stop the cake rising. Only open the door if it is absolutely necessary, and after half or even three quarters of the cooking time has passed.
  • Don’t mix self-raising flour with plain flour.
  • Beating the cake mix for too long - A lot of air is trapped in the mix. A significant amount of air is trapped when you add the flour to the mixture. If you beat it too strongly, the air is released from the mixture which means that the cake will not rise properly. Depending on the recipe, if you simply mix the eggs and do not beat them together, your cake might not rise.
  • Not measuring the ingredients properly - too few or too many liquid ingredients, or less flour than needed.
  • Using a baking tin that is either too big or too small.
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