11/2018 - JOTIS Corporate Social Responsibility Program: "Hope is born!"

11/2018 - JOTIS Corporate Social Responsibility Program:

YIOTIS supports the hope of a new life in Greece!

A new initiative on Corporate Social Responsibility was announced by YIOTIS SA. It is the project "A hope is born!", which aims to help reduce the low birth rate, which is now an acute demographic stalemate for our country. This very important action, which will be implemented by YIOTIS SA in cooperation with the non-profit company HOPEgenesis, which is intensively involved in the issue of low birth rates in Greece, was announced on November 15 at a press conference at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for Culture.

In the context of this partnership, YIOTIS SA "Adopts", for 4 years, the 90 remote villages of Greece, belonging to the regions of Central Greece and Epirus. In particular, in the Regional Units of Evritania, Fokida, Fthiotida, Evia and Arta, and in particular in the 14 Municipal Units of Karpenisi, Doris, Lamia, Makrakomi, Karystos and Central Tzoumerka. YIOTIS SA will stand beside the women-women in these 90 villages who want to become mothers but hesitate because of the difficult conditions, such as limited access to medical-obstetric infrastructure. YIOTIS undertakes to cover all costs of attending pregnancy, prenatal and birth tests, as well as all transportation and hospitality costs. At the same time, it will take care, through informative actions, speeches and local meetings, to spread the message of encouragement for the acquisition of a child to all the future mothers of these less privileged regions. In addition, the company will cover the food needs of babies' which will be born in the 86 villages it has "adopted" for the first two years of their lives.

Rebirth of hope

As the founder of HOPEgenesis, Dr. Stefanos Chandakas "The fact that YIOTIS, a company associated with the development of children, adopts the effort to support new births in our country, fills us with optimism for the future. What our program offers is the medical coverage and financial relief for young women who wish to become mothers and YIOTIS is a great helper in this endeavor, in a particularly extensive, unprivileged geographical area. We thank and look forward to welcoming - metaphorically and literally - the new fruits of our joint initiative".

The initiative "A hope is born!" by YIOTIS SA comes as a natural sequence of the historical association of this historical company with the coverage of great social and national needs. Therefore, we cannot miss an action that is aimed at enhancing the hope for a new life in our country. For YIOTIS SA support for motherhood and family have always been a top priority and a central focus of its activities, for 88 years.

"We are joining our forces for more births, more hope for our country. Together with HOPEgenesis, we want to build a chain of support and transfer, to as many future mumps as we can, the message that we are in reality next to them, "said YOTIS’s SA Commercial Director Mr. Marios Papathanasiou. "We are deeply aware of their role in the population rebirth of our homeland and share their hope of bringing new lives to the world. If we manage to turn our anxieties into encouragement, then the worrying birth data will begin to overturn. Besides, for the past 88 years YIOTIS Company has been firmly on the side of the mother and, as a whole, the Greek family, with absolute consistency in quality and innovation.

For more information about the program, please visit www.jotis-miaelpidagennietai.gr

A few words about HOPEgenesis

HOPEgenesis is a non-profit civil society established in 2015 by Dr. Stefanos Chandakas MD, MBA, PhD, Obstetrician-Obstetrician Endoscopic Surgeon. HOPEgenesis is active in the field of health and social care, with a vision to overthrow the climate of low birth rates in Greece. In recent years our country has been heading for a demographic stalemate. Statistical surveys on population change in countries show that the negative birth sign will lead, in 2050, to the decline of the Greek population from 10,700,000 today to 10,000,000 to 8,300,000, with the most pessimistic studies to speak even for 6,500,000 inhabitants. HOPEgenesis's main goal is to support women who are permanent residents of the island's continental and continental regions

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