23/02/2021 - 2020: Another year of significant support to society by YIOTIS SA

23/02/2021 - 2020: Another year of significant support to society by YIOTIS SA

In a year characterized by the consequences of the global pandemic crisis due to COVID’19, YIOTIS S.A. further strengthened its long-standing contribution to society by expanding its initiatives to support vulnerable social groups in greater need.

The social initiatives of YIOTIS S.A. during 2020 was developed on three main pillars:

Response to emergency national needs through the donation of 20 respirators to the Ministry of Health and coverage of other national needs

As an active and sensitized member of the Greek society, closely following the evolution of the pandemic in our country, YIOTIS S.A. handed over to the Ministry of Health 20 high-tech respirators, for the equipment of Intensive Care Units of reference hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19, throughout Greece. With this donation, YIOTIS S.A. wanted to actively support the community, the Ministry of Health, as well as the medical and nursing staff, which is at the forefront of dealing with the virus.

Also, in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development & Tourism, YIOTIS Company offered free food provisions to the General Hospital of Serres Town to meet the increased food needs due to the pandemic.

In addition, wanting to stand by the societies that are being tested, he delivered essential food provisions to the Municipality of Hersonissos, Crete, after the catastrophic floods and to the Municipalities of Eastern and Western Samos after the strongest earthquake.

Reduction of the low birth rate in 90 remote mainland villages

The company is steadily continuing the Corporate Social Responsibility Program "A hope is born!", supporting the births in 90 remote mainland villages, in collaboration with the nonprofit organization HOPEgenesis. YIOTIS S.A. in addition to covering the costs of medical monitoring, examinations, and childbirth, it offers to babies born under the Program, baby food for the first 2 years of their lives. In 2020, 68.500 portions of baby food were provided.

Meeting food needs: More than 250.000 portions of food and beverages and 9 tons of flour were offered

With more than 220 sponsorships that were implemented, mainly through product donation to Foundations, Social Bodies, Non-Profit Organizations and Municipalities, YIOTIS S.A. met the needs of vulnerable groups in society, especially families-mothers-children.

Thus, in 2020, the company offered a total of over 200.000 portions of food, such as baby cereals and milk, puree, breakfast cereals, chocolates, etc., as well as 50.000 glasses of chocolate beverages and 9 tons of flour for all uses, supporting organizations such as: The Ark of the World, Smile of the Child, Friends of the Child, DESMOS, Red Cross, Social Grocery, etc.

It also continued its long-term initiatives, which include the coverage of the annual feeding needs of the children of the kindergarten of the Association "The Friends of the Child" for the 6th consecutive year, as well as the support of the Holy Diocese of Peristeri, which offers products for the needs of the 5 nurseries that it supervises and the meals that it organizes. At the same time, YIOTIS S.A. has always supported the “Bank of Food” and its work against food waste and hunger.

Already, YIOTIS S.A. implements its Corporate Social Responsibility Program for 2021, supporting the daily needs of Greek society.

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