10/03/2021 - "Together we turn love into taste". The new communication of YIΟΤΙS company on our screens

10/03/2021 -

YIΟΤΙS S.A., the Greek timeless lovebrand of our diet for more than 90 years, signs a new advertising campaign starring love and how it is expressed and multiplied through taste. The taste generously given by the emblematic and favorite JOTIS products. 

Through a series of 5 TV spots, the new campaign of YIΟΤΙS S.A., with the message "Together we turn love into taste", shows how emotional the effect can be and how people, through cooking and confectionery, express care, enthusiasm and above all love for those close to them. Thus, the unique and so beloved JOTIS products go beyond their "useful role" and become components of moments and emotional bonds.

YIOTIS S.A. chose to show the emotional attachment of people of all ages with its products, through their own taste stories.

So, we see that Farina JOTIS becomes a bridge of love between a grandmother and a granddaughter who learns to make cakes through skype. JOTIS Garni to be the secret ingredient to make a cake – a surprise for mom, made by dad and daughter to please her. Anthos Aravositou JOTIS to be a taste of warmth for younger and older people. JOTIS Couverture "sweetens" the difficult moment of two girlfriends, while Sunday’s family meal everyone's favorite pastitsio has as a "hostess" Bechamel JOTIS.

The protagonists of the movies express with every day moments their truth, about how together with JOTIS products they turn love into taste.

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