Decorate your house with your children's artwork

Decorate your house with your children's artwork

Do your children have an artistic talent or just inspiration? We have original ideas for decorating your home with your children’s artistic creations!

Children's wall

A children's wall is one of the ideas which is easiest to implement. All you have to do is pick a wall in your house and put your children’s paintings in coloured frames. Then you can hang them next to each other - and your children’s wall is ready.

Tip: Choose a wall in your office so you can look at it and smile every time your job follows you home.

Hanging Landscapes

If you are looking for paintings for your living room, you can use cleverly different landscapes painted by your children by hanging them on a metal wire that you have put on the living room wall.

Coloured clothes pegs

Putting coloured clothes pegs on the wall is a very simple and imaginative idea. You can give your children wooden clothes pegs to paint them in whatever colour they want, and then stick them to the wall so they can display their paintings.


From a young age children enjoy putting puzzles together piece by piece because they want to see the whole picture! So why not use the finished puzzle to decorate your child’s room? All you have to do is stick the pieces together, put them in a frame and hang them on your wall. And you have a masterpiece!

Children’s flower pots

The balcony is somewhere we relax and we usually choose to adorn it with plants that make us feel good. If you want your balcony to stand out from the rest, just let your children's imagination get to work. Give them empty pots, equip them with acrylic paints and let them paint the pots however they want. Finally, go with your children to choose the plants you are going to put in the pots.

Autumnal canvas with trees

Autumn has arrived, and you have made the decision to make your balcony ... autumnal. A simple and imaginative idea is to take painting canvases and decorate them with materials from nature. You and your children can pick up sticks and leaves from the neighboring park to use as materials.

Glue sticks onto the canvas to be tree trunks and branches, and use colored buttons for the leaves. In no time at all you will have an artistic masterpiece, with a childish touch, on your balcony.

If you try out our suggestions you will give your home a whole new feel - happy and full of fun!

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