Time for out of school activities

Time for out of school activities

It is not just schools that begin in September, but also the search for suitable out of school activities. Here are a few tips that will make the process of choosing activities a little easier for parents and much more enjoyable for kids!

Why are out of school activities useful?
Let's start with the basics, by saying that these activities have an entirely positive effect on children. They give children new interests that will be to their advantage in the future and also give children a chance to socialise and, usually, to make good friendships. During activities, children learn in a pleasant environment to become a part of a group and become more self confident through cultivating their talents.

How will I find out what my child’s talents are?
Usually, you can see signs of his interests.  When you spend time with your child, it's easy to see - for example - if he wants to paint or if he is more active and wants to play with a ball. However, it is a good idea to try different activities and discover which he likes best.

At this stage, it is very important that you let him choose on his own. Firstly, because he will get experience of making a decision and having to stick to it, and secondly because there will be less chance of him getting fed up of the activity and stopping it in the future.

An activity for every child
There are many choices for sports and artistic activities. Sports such as swimming, football and basketball are particularly popular. But have you thought how interesting track events can be? Ballet and gymnastics are usually the favourite with girls, but what about trying modern dance or self-defense lessons such as judo? When it comes to the arts, fine arts and theatre workshops are the most popular choices, but you can also find more original activities such as pottery and photography.

Recently, more and more children have been enjoying activities that were previously not very popular such as chess, sailing and robotics. Chess helps children to concentrate, to use their memories and to make decisions based on logic. On the other hand, sailing is an interesting option as we live in a country that is surrounded by sea. It brings children closer to nature and helps them develop patience and critical thinking.

Robotics is an interactive method of learning about technology, mathematics, physics and programming. It helps children to learn and to develop critical thinking.

Is the child's age relevant when you are choosing an activity?
Between 3 and 5 years old, children can do an undemanding activity such as gymnastics, dance, cooking, art workshops or theatre games. From 5 years old they can become more involved in sports and music.

Are there any mistakes that parents should take care to avoid?
It is a good idea to bear in mind that out of school activities should be fun for your children, and should not be a source of stress.  Because of this, your child should not do a lot of activities. This will keep him interested and be good for his psychological and physical health.

Good chemistry is important.
When it comes to out of school activities, parents are able to choose a coach or other adult who will develop a good relationship with them and with their child. Especially for sports, the coach should reflect the parents’ ideals which will make him the parents’ ally in doing the best thing for their child.

 And what about the costs?
Because times are difficult, one solution is for your child to attend activities organised by the Municipality as these are usually the most economically priced activities available. Before you make your decision, look at the market in general to see what fees are charged and find out what offers are available.

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