19/04/2016 - Jotis "Confections for a good cause".

19/04/2016 - Jotis

True to its commitment to support families and especially children in need, JOTIS organized a tasty, joyful event for the Nursery School of the charity association "THE FRIENDS OF THE CHILD".

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016, JOTIS employees joined by famed chef Argyro Barbarigou, and visited the children at the Nursery School. Together they made Easter breads and cookies, with an aim not only to entertain the children, but also introduce them to the magical world of baking! The children left with the sweet creations they had made with their own hands, as well as a bag full of JOTIS products, so they could recreate the confections with their families at home.

This very "sweet" event was the starting point for the "ZACHAROPLATHOUME" initiative, a group of JOTIS activities which include competitions, events and offers, all with unmatched JOTIS products of course, for surefire success and guaranteed savings in all of our sweet creations.

Mr. Marios Papathanasiou, JOTIS Commercial Director, said: "We are delighted that supporting children, an unwavering priority for the JOTIS company, could be combined with an event that has given so much joy to the children that are cared for by the Friends of the Child."

JOTIS systematically supports the Nursery School of the charity association "The Friends of the Child" by offering products, as well as meeting their annual needs for the last two years.

A few words about the Association

The charitable association "The Friends of the Child" was founded in 1987 and today supports more than 250 needy families with children. In 2007, it established a model Nursery School where, through play and activities, children receive the necessary guidance and stimuli to help them escape violence and neglect and grow up in a normal environment.

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