07/07/2017-JOTIS: Double distinction for an investment project and communication.

07/07/2017-JOTIS: Double distinction for an investment project and communication.

JOTIS: Double distinction for an investment project and communication

JOTIS Company received two very important distinctions within the context of the "Self Service Excellence Awards": one for an investment project, and the second for its inspired communication with consumers.

Specifically, JOTIS won awards in the following categories:

"Significant Investment" for its ‘Hellenic Research and Innovation Center' and

"Marketing-Communication" (Food), for its communication platform "Zacharoplathoume" and the 360 ​​Action Plan included therein.

The first award concerns the creation of the pioneering Hellenic Research and Innovation Center, which is the result of the JOTIS Company’s extensive experience and know-how in quality assurance. The state-of-the-art research centre was created to meet the need for a Food Safety Institute, which will provide a diverse range of services to the Food Industry. Its activities include executing high level research, undertaking research projects and organizing educational seminars in collaboration with other research centres and universities. The Institute possesses a quality management system, certified according to ISO9001:2008, and, in keeping with the standards of internationally recognized research centres, is preparing for the implementation of a quality management system, in full compliance with the requirements set out by ISO17025 and ISO14001. This esteemed distinction is another nod to the company for its strategic choice, since its founding 87 years ago, to steadily invest in quality, which has always been its steadfast, non-negotiable value.

As for "Zacharoplathoume", the platform that expresses and supports the consumer trend of a return to more traditional lifestyles, the concept revolves around a "sweet movement" comprising a 360o communication strategy and multi-level Action Plan. Through "Zacharoplathoume" consumers have the opportunity to receive ideas and tips for easy-to-execute, innovative recipes, to participate in promotions in grocery stores, to win valuable prizes in competitions and to participate in events, among others. Simultaneously and within the framework of its social work, the company supports vulnerable social groups through "Confection for a good cause".

"Receiving these two important distinctions from a renowned institution such as the Self Service Excellence Awards, is particularly significant for us," said the Commercial Director of YIOTIS SA, Mr. M. Papathanasiou. "The successful course of our company, which for 87 years has been synonymous with the production of high quality food for the family, is the direct result of our human resources and our constant, unwavering commitment to the combination of traditional values ​​and innovation. It is for this reason that JOTIS places the highest priority on continuous investment in both people and technology."

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