12/2017 - "The active role of YIOTIS S.A. to reduce carbon footprint in the Food Industry»

12/2017 -

Particularly important is the role of YIOTIS S.A. in the European program FOODPRINT LIFE13 ENV/GR/000958, which started in 2014 and ends in 2018. Given its high level of know-how in the execution and co-ordination of large and multi-disciplinary research and technological projects, the company is the coordinator of this major project, the main purpose of which is the identification, quantification and reduction of carbon footprint in the Food Industry.

YIOTIS S.A., as the coordinator of the project, collaborated with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) as well as companies in the field of logistics, food industry and environmental management. In addition, with the collaboration of the Federation of Greek Food Industries (SEVT) and the Italian Association Federalimentare Servizi s.r.l. achieves the dissemination of its results.

At the same time, YIOTIS Company was used as a case study to collect the necessary data and create a database on which a software tool developed by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The Software Tool will be able to produce scenarios for reducing carbon footprint in Food Industries and is available at www.foodprint.gr.

In addition, within the framework of Corporate Responsibility for Sustainable Development, YIOTIS S.A., having as a priority the proper environmental management and aiming at further reducing the energy footprint, through actions to improve its production process, identified through the FOODPRINT LIFE13 project ENV / GR / 000958, the level of carbon dioxide emissions in the production process of JOTIS Baby Creams, where a 15% reduction was achieved. At the same time, the possibility of new biodegradable packaging materials is being considered in order to replace synthetic materials that have a significant impact on the environment.

For the dissemination of the results, YIOTIS S.A. in co-operation with the Federation of Greek Food Industries (SEVT) and other partners develops a National strategy to inform the Food Industry about the project and its results and raise awareness to take active action to reduce the energy footprint.

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